Holy Oly 8

Holy Oly setup (rando photo)

Holy Oly was pretty entertaining as always. I didn’t really feel like getting in all the Ol’ Timer’s way and hitting the big qaurter pipe, but I hiked tube city for most of the day. I drank some beer, lots of good chronic was smoked, and I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a couple weeks or months. I was nice to get to ride (Hyak of all places) after a shitty couple of days in Oregon.

P.s. What’s with Cobra Dogs only carrying meat dogs at the Oly? No tofurky dogs? That’s fucked up if you don’t like hot dogs or eat meat. Blowing it… Shout out to Amy for hooking it up with free tofurky Cobras at PC all the time 🙂

Here are some edits of the event:

Snowboarder Mag Edit(T Lit)

Funner Projects Edit (Dubs)

crowd (rando photo)

Hyak (summit east) trailmap. learn it, love it

… The runs I was shown at Hyak were too fun. This place is so much fun, even for how short the runs are. Hyak has sweet tree runs, cliffs, snake runs and soo much more. I had so much fun with the homies! HAHA


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